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Country Knitting Of Maine
Brother Needles & Sponge bars & More

Brother Bulky Main Bed Sponge Bar 47"

Brother Bulky Ribber Bed Sponge Bar 43"

Brother Standard Gauge Main Bed Sponge Bar 41"

Brother Standard Gauge Ribber Bar (plastic Bar)

Sponge for the KX350, KH355, KH395 and KH400

Retail: $14.95

Drop Down Menu for needles

Brother Needles

Garter Carriage Magnets - $30.00 per pair

Yarn Winder
NEW - Extra Large Yarn Winders. Retail $57.50

This winder will hold 8 to 12 ounces of yarn depending on the thickness of the yarn being used. Great for Knitting Machine yarn when you need more then one ball to ply yarns together. Also great for hand knitters and crochet projects. Made by Taixtexma. Comes with assembly instructions and a magnetic screwdriver for assembly.

Blank Punchcards for the 24 Stitch punchcard knitting machines. I have also been told that these work for the 12 stitch punchcard machines also by just using every other column. These new cards are transparent which makes it super easy to transfer that pattern from your book to this card if the patterns are full size. Pack of ten for $15.00