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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2007 through 2008 Volume #2 Issues # 1 through 6
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News & Views Volume 2 Issue # 1
September/October 2007


Childs Roll-T by Sandra Dominiak

Roz's Dish Cloth by Roz Porter

Baby Pullover by Linda Williams

Absolutely Aran by Kathryn Doubrley

Almost Aran by Kathryn Doubrley

Fun with Fazer by Kathryn Doubrley

Winners of the Carolina's Machine Knitting Contest

Knit Different, Knit Haute Couture by Loulou Pirotte

Square Poncho by Kangamoo Knits

Asymmetrical Poncho by Kangamoo Knits

Designaknit Series Continued by Cathie Sanders

Personalized Fitted Sleeves by Kathleen Kinder

Frazer Shell by Kathryn Doubrley

Poem by Arnold

Beginner Series Continued by Linda Williams

Tips and Techniques by Catherine Hall

Lace Baby Blanket by Eileen Montgomery

Survivor's Cap by Catherine Hall

Contest for this issue

Fiestawear by Kathryn Doubrley

The Answer Lady Column on linkers

Apron by Roz Porter

Dog Toy by Pat Holbrook

Denim Skirt by Kathryn Doubrley

Child's Tank Top by Sharon Baker

Book Reviews

Clubs, Guilds, & Seminars

Pennysaver Ads

Need A Knitting Machine Friend column


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News & Views
November/December 2007 Volume 2 issue #2


A new series by Kathryn Doubrley called "Scratching The Surface". THis will continue through the next dozen or so issues. Wonderful items. The first, "Bead-dazzle Your Knits" starts with a pattern for making beaded curtains. (see above)

Knitted Rag Rug (knit-weave) by Liz Bivens. Knit a rug using rags.

Beginners series on turning toes and heels

Skating sock or Christmas sock

Pat's Premie & newborn hats by Pat Holbrook

Casual Cotton by Kathryn Doubrley

Baby blanket by FIna Ahrens

Punching your own punchcard by Roni Knutson

Placement of punchcard design by Roni Knutson.

Greek Coat by Kathryn Doubrley

Knitting Yardage by Kathryn Doubrley

Treat bags by Kangamoo knits

Twirl skirt by Kathryn Doubrley

Frank's Socks by Cathie Sanders

Bulky Baby Cupcake Hat by Arlene Hahn

Knit Different, Knit Haute Couture by Loulou Pirotte

Punkin' Hat by Kangamoo Knits

It's Pumpkin Time by Kangamoo Knits

Measurements for Fitted Sleeve Tops by Kathleen Kinder

Hints from Doris Coutts

Purl Rose by Heid Stepp

Cabled Raglan Seam for Passap by Mike Becker

Child's Capri pants by Sandy Dominak

French Sailor Jersey by Kathryn Doubrley
Mini Pumpkins by Lyndee Brown

Designaknit Series Continued by Cathie Sanders

Oh Baby! Booties by Kangamoo knits

Slippers by Lyndee Brown

Catherine's Trims by Catherine Hall

Baby's First Hat by Kangamoo KNits


Poem by Arnold

Clubs, Guilds, Seminars

Book Reviews.

Felting by Sharon Baker

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Beaded Lace Curtains
Standard Gauge Machines
Beginners Series: Short Rowing
any machine
felted Tote
Bulky Machine
Mini Pumpkins
Standard Gauge Machine
Knitted Rag Rug
Any knitting machine
skating sock
mid Gauge, Bulky &
Standard gauge machine
Felted Coasters
Bulky Machine
Christmas Stocking
Mid gauge & Bulky Machine
News & Views Volume 2 Issue # 3

January/February 2008


Pretty Poinsettia by Kangamoo Knits

Scratching the Surface Series by Kathryn Doubrley (weaving)

Snowman Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley

Hints from Cathie Sanders

Club Meetings

Coming Up Roses Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley

LK 150 Christmas Stocking by Cari Farling

Beginner Lesson Series - Weaving

Easy Knitted FLower by Cathie Sanders

DAK series continued by Cathie Sanders

Stockinette Bands Added on by Liz Bevins

Mock Henley Top by Kathryn Doubrley

Measurements for Dropped Shoulder Line by Kathleen Kinder

Picot Bloomers by Kidoodles

Hugs Project by Karen Stark

Helmet Liner by Tammy Noble

The Answer Lady Column by Kathryn Doubrley

More tips from Cathie

Roz's Woven Placemat by Roz Porter

Beginners Purse in Weaving

Child's Hat & Scarf by Catherine Hall

Beaded Xmas Ornament by Eileen Montgomery

Tuck Lace Bell by Ornament by Susan Wells

Christmas Wreath For the Passap by Pat Holbrook

Christmas Snowman by Anne Windh

Christmas Tree Ormament Sweater by Pat Holbrook

Beaded Knit Ornament by Linda Yeoman

What the Stuff on the Labels Really Mean by Cathie Sanders

Santa Hat by Kangamoo Knits

Book Reviews

Poem by Arnold


Quick & Easy Christmas Throw by Sharon Baker

Cable & Lace Socks by Roz Porter

Easy Over Sized Sweater for Men or Women


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Stockinet Bands Added on
Any Machine
News & Views Volume 2 Issue # 4
January/February 2008


Cabled Tunic by Kathryn Doubrley

Chunky Hats by Roni Knutson

Easy Headband by Liz Bivens

Tips & Techniques by Catherine Hall

Measurements for Unisex Raglans by Kathleen Kinder

E Wrap Bind off by Liz Bivens

Non Roll Edge by Sue Cole

Beneath the Surface by Kathryn Doubrley

Socks to Dye For By Kathryn Doubrley

Heart Shaped Felted Purse by

Beginner Lessons - Making swatches

Hint from Mary Poyntor Batt

Fiber Finds by Kathryn Doubrley

Sporty Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley

Child's Valentine Topper by Sharon Baker

DAK by Cathie Sanders

Afghan Joiners by Catherine Hall

Woven Top by Anne Bayes

E-wrap Scallope Edge By Liz Bivens

Passap Honeycomb Hat & Afghan by Nora Cromwell

Loopy Scarf by Liz Bivens

Fingerless Mittens by

Roz's Tuck Lace Poncho By Roz Porter

Family Harmony Coat by Kathryn Doubrley

Heart Lace Pattern by Sharon Baker

Wispy As a Cloud Scarf by Cathie Sanders

Great Expectations Maternity Top by Kathryn Doubrley

Snuggley Hood by

Panama Pants by Kathryn Doubrley


Book Reviews


Poem by Arnold

Clubs, Guilds, Seminars

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News & Views Volume 2 Issue #5
May/June 2008


Norwegian Uni-Sex Sweater by Sharon Baker

Alles Newborn 3 Piece Set by Alles Hutchinson

18" doll Sweater by Gina Ahrens

Cabled Classic by Kathryn Doubrley

Neckline Finishes by Sue Cole

Beginner Lesson - Pattern Comprehension

Shetland Style Baby Shawl

Knit Easter Eggs by Kangamooknits

Fiber FInds Beautiful Bamboo by Kathryn Doubrley

Lacy Bamboo Scarf by Kathryn Doubrley

Inside or Out Camisole by Kathryn Doubrley

The Answer Lady by Kathryn Doubrley

lace Neck Band by Linda Williams

Cotton Tote by Gina Ahrens

Childs Tie Cardy by Kidoodles

Poncho to Fit Anyone by Roz Porter

Pockets Part I by Holly Pritchett

E-Z knit tube socks by Mary Poyntor Batt

More bands by Sue Cole

Funnel Neck Shell by Kathryn Doubrley

Spring/Easter Baskets by Kangamooknits

Turtleneck Top by Kathryn Doubrley

Designaknit by Cathie Sanders

Quick & Easy Gifts by Sue Cole

Scratching the Surface Series by Kathryn Doubrley

Passap Classic by Kathryn Doubrley

Plain or Fancy by Kathryn Doubrley

Shoulder Shrug by


Poem by Arnold

Book Reviews

CLubs, Guilds, Seminars

Double E Wrap cast on by Sandy Dominiak of Kidoodles

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Turtleneck Top With Ribbed Yoke
Bulky Knitting Machine
Finished chest size 32, 34, 36,
38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54.
Turtleneck Top close up
News & Views Volume 2 Issue #6
July/August 2008


Teddy Jumper By Jo Newton

Teddy Pattern by Jo Newton

Felted Pillow by

Skinny Minny by Kathryn Doubrley

Almost Full needle rib

Double crochet edging by Liz Bivens

Button Hole Tables by Lora Kinnan

Novelty Thongs by

Punchcard Patterns by Lora Kinnan

Lattice Lace Trim

More Or Less by Kathryn Doubrley

Cast on by Liz Bivens

How to Duplicate Stitch by Sandy Dominiak

Tie Front Sweater by

Beginner Series - The Correct Fit

Easy Raglan Cardigans by Irene Woods
SIZES 2-4-6-8-10-12
Standard Gauge Machine

Ladies Lace Vest by Roni Knutson

Sun Top with Matching Bloomers by Lois Blystone

18" Doll T-shirt and Shorts by Sharon Baker

Twisted Vesty by Sandy Dominiak

Fiber Finds Stitch with Soy by Kathryn Doubrley

Soy Socks by Kathryn Doubrley

Crossed Mock Cables

Child's Passap Dress by Peter Smith

Notch Collar Cardigan by Kathryn Doubrley

Easy Bias Knit Shawl

Making That Hand Knitting Yarn Last by Cathie Sanders

Baby's Raglan sleeve Cardigan by Roni Knutson

Designaknit Series by Cathie Sanders

Not So Plain Jane by Kathryn Doubrley

Murphys' Knitting Rules

Pockets Part II by Hollister Pritchett

Decorative Eyelet Raglan Decreases

Book Reviews & More

Clubs, Guilds, Seminars


Poem by Arnold

Quick and Easy Gifts by Sue Cole

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