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Hand Tools and Parts for Silver Reed, Singer, Studio

Cleaning Brush - Retail $4.75

Hand Punch with a built in Safety feature which makes it only punch if the guide pin is placed in a hole to punch. If the pin does not locate a hole it will not punch. I have always loved this style of punch. These are brand new in box with directions.
Retail - $24.00

This is a sponge strip for the Singer, Studio, and Silver Reed LK knitting machines such as the LK100, LK140 and LK150. Always a good idea to replace that old worn out sponge strip for better knitting capabilities for your machine. Easy to change and very well worth it.
Retail $9.00

Basic Tool kit consisting of 1x1 needle pusher, 1x1 & 2x3 transfser tools, latch tool and 4 card snaps.
Retail $ 21.00

Double eye transfer needle - Retail - $2.50

transfer tools for the standard gauge machines . Choice of 3 different ones (use drop down menu to order) Retail - $5.25 each


Ravel Cord for Standard Gauge knitting machines. (although I have used mine on my bulky when not using the whole bed). 5 colors. Retail $7.50

1x1 needle pusher for standard gauge main bed. Retail - $4.00

Set of 10 Blank Punch Cards for the SK155 or any 24 stitch punch card knitting machine. TO use them for the 12 stitch machines start punching with the column on the right side and then use every other column. No need to buy special cards for your 12 stitch machines. You are purchasing the cards on the right and they come in a package of 10. The cards on the left is to show you what columns to use. Retail $15.00

Latch tool for standard gauge machines
Retail - $3.00

Sponge Bars for Singer, Studio & Silver Reed Knitting Machines.

Standard Bed - $20.00
Chunky & Mid Gauge - $25.00
Use drop down menu to purchase

Sponge Bars

Brass Colored Claw weights. This has 20 prongs and weighs 7.7 ounces. Handy where you need extra weight in your work. Retail $15.00

Point Cams Left & Right for Silver Reed, Singer and Studio Knitting machines
Retail $15.00 per set (left & right)

Small Claw weights. Weighs 3.9 ounces
Retail $5.00 each

Card Snaps. Will fit any standard gauge or bulky/chunky punch card - set of 4
Retail $3.10

Weaving Brush for Silver Reed, Singer and Studio knitting machines. Retail $7.00 each

Took Kit A - Comes with 1x1 needle pusher, 4 card snaps, 1x2 and 2x3 prong tools, latch tool, 4 blank cards & punch.
Retail - $44.00

Blank Punch cards for Silver Reed, Singer, Studio knitting machines (these will fit any 24 stitch machine, you would just need to adjust the first line) Set of 10 cards. Retail $15.00

Side Racks for the Singer, Studio and Silver Reed standard gauge and chunky machines. $15.00 per pair. Left and right.

Click on Drop Down Menu to choose the size you need.