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Silver Reed Machines

Silver Reed SRP60N Ribber for the SK280 and SK840 knitting machines.
This ribber is designed for all cardmatic models from SK321 and up including the electronic machines. It converts your single bed machine to a 400 needle double bed knitter. It is capable of many ribs including 1x1 rib, double rib, 2x2 rib, tubular rib, wide ribs, English rib, Swing English Rib, Pin tuck rib, Swing ribs, Herringbone, Tuck rib, and many more! It also has the built in features of a subtle type of open work called Drive Lace and Punch Pile that gives a high and low knitted effect similar to a sculptured look. In addition the SRP60N has the added functions of Pick rib, Plaiting Rib, Double Face (multi color slip), and Double face fairaisle.
Retail $790.00

Silver Reed LK150 Mid-gauge Knitting Machine
The Silver Reed Model LK150, for its simplicity in design and ease of use, will assure you fun and pleasure in your knitting. You will soon be able to make knitwear with all sorts of interesting patterns for sizes up to the full width of 150 needles, and because it handles a wide range of yarns from Sport (US Needle #4) through worsted weight yarns (US #9) and some heavier, you can make knitwear for the full four seasons of the year. It is extremely light weight and compact making it easy to carry and easy to store. Its specially designed roller-capped latch needle ensures smooth and quiet operation.

The carriage rests make the needle bed longer. Use them when knitting over more than 100 needles.

A helpful hint to save you some grief: We have had some problems with dime store/discount worsted weight yarns on this machine. If you plan on using alot of low quality worsted weight yarns, I highly recommend the SK155 machine. These yarns are less pliable than the quality yarns, thus cause greater stress on the carriages. The SK155 is a heavy duty machine, much more suitable for discount afghan yarns, than the LK150. Retail $495.00

Silver Reed Model SK155 Chunky. 12 stitch automatic patterning
Uses Worsted and Bulky Weight Yarns for 4.5-3.5 sts per inch
Stockinet - Tuck Stitch - Slip Stitch - Punch Lace - Fair Isle - Weaving
110 needles - 9mm
This piece of quality equipment is engineered and manufactured to meet high standards of versatility and durability.

You can machine knit like a professional with the fully automatic Silver Reed SK155 punch card chucky knitting machine.
Knit stockinet, slip and tuck stitch, fair isle, weaving and punch lace. Choose mohair, crunchy textured cotton, ribbon, chenille, thick boucle, Aran, knop or slub yarn - the SK155 loves them. Select one of the punch cards included with your machine, or start your own designer collection. The SK155 Knitting Machine comes complete with accessories, punch cards (5) and instruction book. Just add yarn!!
Retail Price $1390.00

SK280 Silver Reed 4.5mm standard gauge punchcard knitting machine

Perfect for Lace weight, Fingering and Sport Weight yarns (US #000-#5) Retail $1125.00

This standard model punch card knitting machine is designed for smooth, trouble-free, operation and durability. Thanks to its punch card system and other simple features, even beginners can produce expert results with the minimum of fuss and bother on the SK280 Silver Reed Knitting Machine. Principal Stitch Types: Fair Isle, Single Motif, Punch Lace, Tuck, Slip, Weaving and Plating. Comes with 20 pre-punched pattern cards. 4.5 mm needle pitch, with 200 needles. A simple machine to get you up and knitting very quickly.

SK840 Silver Reed 4.5mm standard gauge electronic knitting machine
This Standard Gauge Electronic is the perfect machine for fingering and sport weight yarns. You can start a simple garment in the morning and wear it to dinner in the evening. Just imagine what you can create with your Silver Reed SK 840.

Standard gauge (4.5mm)
200 Needles
Full bed stitch pattern area
Stockinette, Fairisle, Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving and Single Motif
Best for fingering through sport weight yarns
Metal bed machine
Includes tools, weights and manuals
Knit stockinette but with the addition of software knits design automatically

DesignaKnit + Silver Link 5 to design and connect to your computer
or Silver Link to connect to your computer to use designs created in DesignaKnit or other paint programs. You canít design in the Silver Link program.

SK840 Lace Carriage
Transfer stitches for lace patterns in a single action, just like stockinette. Lace carriage knits and transfers in a single pass according to the design in your DesignaKnit Software. Capable of producing fashionable multiple lace transfer designs.
Retail $580.00

Lace Carriage for SK280
Lace Carriage for the Silver Reed SK280 knitting machine
Retail - $420.00

The YC6 yarn changer allows you to change yarn color at the press of a button. It holds 4 colors of yarn ready for use. Simply press the button holding the color you want to use and the carriage will pick it up as you pass across the bed. The YC 6 is designed for use on both the single bed and the double bed (ribber added) machines by changing the head angle. You can also set this changer to automatically alternate between any 2 colors out of 4. Retail $380.00